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Sep 21 2009, 02:00 PM
The problem with Lucas started with JER, when he brought back Austin and Carrie and decided to recreate his qudrangle from 90īs. He completely cheapened any bond Sami and Lucas had. And Hogan made it worse when he decided/was ordered to turn Sami into a new show heroine. Sami, the schemer, could have Lucas as partner/soulmate, but Sami, the heroine, needed her hero. The dynamic completely changed.
jane, I know we almost never agree on anything but in this case our opinions track. It certainly seems to me as though the decision to rewrite Sami as a heroine has "taken" (unlike Dr. Rolf's death), and Rafe was created to be her hero that had no pre-existing baggage. It certainly seems to me as if Sami and Rafe are getting all the rooting-couple writing. I also agree that Lucas has essentially become Roman.

I'm not sure who's left on the canvas for him who would be a viable romantic pairing, and since Days is the Noah's Ark of soaps that's a requirement. Maybe Arianna could work, depending on what they do with her and Brady. I wouldn't wish him on Stephanie or Melanie on him, but I do have to admit both are unrelated females and that's often all the show needs to at least chem test. I suppose a Rafe/Sami/Lucas triangle is possible, and in fact I thought there was a good chance of one as recently as a couple of months ago; maybe there still will be.
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