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Sep 21 2009, 02:47 PM
But with Lucas/Chloe, is Lucas in character, or is he being used as, "Here's a thirty-something man, and Chloe is a thirty-something woman"? My point is that I think Lucas as a distinct character disappeared in about 2004. It sounds like we agree in general about that timing, though we disagree about the current writing.

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If the writers considered who Lucas is as a character, I think they'd be able to come up with something for him. However, if they just consider him to be another 'hunk' on the show whom they need to pair with someone, then I agree with you, the viewers will be bored. (This holds true for everyone, not just Lucas.) I think of Chloe in the same way. She's pretty much a non-character at this point, though it's clear TPTB like her sex appeal, and they (though not all the viewers) seem to see chemistry between Nadia and Shawn C.

I think what would help Bryan the most is if the writers wrote a story specifically for Lucas. I personally think he could carry a storyline. It wouldn't even have to be a romantic story - who says he can't be a bachelor for a while? Unfortunately, though, I don't see this happening.

Right. That's what I was trying to say, in that Lucas really can't be written in the same way he was even five years ago. I always thought Hogan Sheffer's handling of Lucas and Lumi was terrible and Dena's is bad in a different way. At this point Lucas exists pretty much as a mid-thirties man from a core family and that's it. I have no idea why a new viewer (if any of those exist) tuning in for the first time over the last year or so would like him; frankly, I can't imagine that they could even say much about him. His ties with his children have been marginalized to where Will is confiding in EJ of all people--for plot purposes, of course, regardless of whether it makes sense. Lucas didn't even go to Grace's funeral and it just absolutely blows my mind that the writers didn't think he was necessary (not that his was the only notable absence . . . .). But I mean, come on: Arianna, whose only connection was through her brother, could go, whereas Lucas, whose ex-wife and the mother of two of his children was the grieving mother (not to mention Grace would have been Allie's and Will's half-sister), could not?

I agree with you that Lucas should at least be given the opportunity to be the focus of a story--preferably a B story, since I'm not a fan of his, lol. Let him get back involved with Victor again somehow, for example--let him be involved in the Arianna/Roman/Victor stuff. Just let him do something besides be the perennial cuckold.
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