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Today's show was fairly good. Lots of hereos and testosterone, makes me wonder who wrote today, it doesnt seem like a man wrote it.

BD sounds like he caught the cold too but instead of getting a sexy voice he just sounded more nasally congested. However, that was some punch Lucas gave Dr. Dan, BRAVO! I like Lucas but I am not worried when characters/vets leave the canvas for a while. They always come back and it's a chance to cycle in some of the other vets. i would love it if Patrick Muldoon would come back for a while as Austin or even another character. I didnt care for Austin Pecks'. Plus, this break might be good for Bryan so he can work on some other projects, hone his craft. A part of me wished Alison Sweeney took a real maternity leave, people need to recharge.

While I enjoyed bitchy Hope, she's just being ridiculous about it now. She's so determined to make Bo pay that she's coming up with these lame reasons of why they need to be on a break. I dont see how it would be healthy for Ciara to be away from her father, I can see the house part but why cant Bo go with them? Cuz Hope's a vindicative bitch is why. She did make me laugh when she made that crack about Bo not being able to be a father to a dead daughter, it was so out of left field but it was good. PR's performed well! The way he grabbed Hope, opened the door to greet justin with "WHAT!!!" and then kicked-slammed it shut, and the LOOK of 'you fucking bitch' he gave Hope when he hugged Ciarra was some great acting, awesome!! KA looked so beautiful in that green dress, too.

I understand some dont like the idea of Nathan and Phillip competing for Melanie but when you cut her out of the equation and just look at the scene between Nillip at the station was darn good.

I wasnt looking forward to stefano and Kate, not so much because the D's tried to kill Phillip, Lucas tried killing EJ so now they are even steven, the turn off for me was Kate's history of sleeping with EJ, but so far it's really working. Stefano was looking like the night in shining armour and then he slaps her with some legally looking papers. Who would have thought a debilitated, elderly man could shake Kate like that but he let her know who's boss.

Nadia gave some good performances today, such an improvement. The scene where she finds Daniel was touching even for me.
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