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I'm loving Stefano and Kate so far. I like how Stefano threw in that dig about Victor could've helped, but chose not to. It lets Kate know that Victor is not as reliable as she once thought and she chose the wrong decision when she sided with the Kiriakis family during the feud earlier in the year. That's all changed now. The look on Lucas' face when Kate told him she was marrying Stefano was priceless. I liked Stefano's coy grin at the end too.

I was cheering Lucas on when he punched Daniel today. Go Lucas! :cheer: It's kind of bad when the "hero" we're supposed to be rooting for to come in and be reuinted with his "lady love" is the guy that we all hate and cheer on when he's beaten down. For once Lucas came off stronger than the male he's going up against. It only took the other guy to be full of drugs and incoherent. :lol:

Who the hell was that nurse, and what happened to Nurse Maxine? We got some cheap knock off instead.

Bo and Hope's scenes were the best part of today's episode. Peter Reckell brought it today. The scenes got so intense there for a moment when Bo demanded Hope look at him, and when she refused, he grabbed her and began shaking her. Whoa! That was powerful. I felt like I was watching some marital dispute and I should look away, but it was so damn interesting that I couldn't. Reckell and Kristian Alfonso sold those scenes. I loved when Bo answered the door to find Justin and yelled, "What?!" I know Bo and Hope will always be end game, but I can't help but want Justin and Hope together. Did you see Alfonso and Wally Kurth side by side in the trivia segment today? They look so good together!

Good for the writers to remember Melanie's past crimes in France, which resulted in her not being cleared of her crimes like Nathan. I was surprised they actually took the time to remember, even if they were the very same writers that wrote that story. Very surprised, but happy as well. Molly Burnett continues to impress me with her charismatic personality.
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