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I was also cheering Lucas on when he decked Daniel. Great move; I just wish Daniel had stood up so Lucas could knock him down again. I don't think Dr. Dan will ever be a hero in my eyes, I don't care how many lives he's saved.

Hope looked gorgeous today, but I wanted to reach through the TV screen and smack her. When will she ever learn that running away doesn't solve any problems? If Ciara can't be in the house right now, maybe a short vacation would be helpful, but I think she needs both parents with her in order for her to feel the most safe and secure. Hope's in full icy bitch mode, and I hate her when she acts like this. However, KA and PR did a fantastic job in those scenes.

Kate and Stefano's marriage should be very interesting. Loved Stefano's self-satisfied smile at the end when Kate broke the happy news to Lucas. Hey, now BD will get his wish to be a Dimera--or at least a step-Dimera!

I see Philip is undergoing another personality change. Is he just interested in Melanie all of a sudden because someone else is? Because Stephanie isn't around? Because he's bored and needs a new game to play? What happened to "good" Philip? Because screwing around (both literally and figuratively) with a much younger girl who he doesn't love--especially when he's in love with someone else--but knows has a big crush on him isn't something a good guy would do. Nathan is definitely the rootable love interest here, and he and Melanie are very cute together. I agreed with Maggie today--I like Melanie more every day, too. There's just something so charming and refreshing and fun about her!
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