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Sep 21 2009, 06:33 PM
I understand some dont like the idea of Nathan and Phillip competing for Melanie but when you cut her out of the equation and just look at the scene between Nillip at the station was darn good.

Iīm one of the few who donīt mind Phillip/Melanie, but Iīm not sure in this last change in Philip. Itīs like he is a pod Phillip. He was completely and absolutely in love with Steph till last week and I think the only reason why there even is some Phillip/Nathan competition is Shelley Hennig and her extended August vacation. Itīs all very abrupt and doesnīt make much sense. I would also like to see atleast someone to adress Stephīs absence.

Good thing for all the Phelanie haters, itīs very obvious Nathan and Mel are the rooting couple now. Phillip is more like the bad habit Melanie has to put behind, itīs not healthy at all and itīs written that way.

Thanks for the background info.

I did/do like Millip but Melanie does tend to bring out the worst in Phillip and not in a good way. I saw some more of that demeanor today and looks like it'll be showcased some more tomorrow. It does seem like Phillip and Melanie are each other's bad habit. I dont think they were ever intended to be the rooting couple in either triangle.

I can see how it can be viewed as abrupt but there was always something simmering in the background between Millip. I dont think he's forgotten about Stephanie, it's just now he can indulge himself in this little side interest. Phillip is painfully aware that he has no chance with Stephanie right now, he feels bad and he's looking for ways to make that feeling go away.. If Stephanie came around again, then he'd drop Melanie in a hot second.

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