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☼ Jinx ☼
Sep 12 2009, 08:03 PM
I know but that was just a mere technicality in the end. The prime story was focussed on as if it did occur.
Wow, I SO disagree, lol.

It's hardly a mere technicality when the show ends by Roseanne saying Dan died several years ago, Jackie was a lesbian (which means that nothing Jackie ever did prior to that point, on the show, ever happened), and that Darlene was never with David, but Mark, and Becky was never with mark but with David. The Conners never got rich and Roseanne is miserable, pretty much, except for the fact that she finds solace in her writing .Those are big changes that can't be easily undone. Unless, if the show returned to the airwaves, they undid THAT, lol.
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