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I know that Nathan and Melanie are supposed to be the rooting couple, but something yesterday about Phillip and Melanie made me happy. I do agree that they are each other's bad habit, but Melanie obviously has a thing for Phillip. Why didn't she tell him that Nathan would bail her out and to go back to Stephanie. Speaking of, where is Stephanie? I doubt she'd be happy that he is being her savior.
Also, I got the impression that Nathan was more into Stephanie than Melanie, so maybe I'd like those two to have a chance - although they are a bit too alike.
Anyways, I feel the tension between Melanie and Phillip...kind of like a train wreck or something.

PR and KA did great today. PR was just awesome and I really felt for him.

Kate and Stefano would be so much fun to watch. I love when Kate threw her tantrum and Stefano got all "you will respect me" with her! Good stuff! I can't help but wonder if Vivian will come back to cause trouble for them.

And while I have been enjoying the Danloe cheese this year, Dan stumbling around and Chloe wearily getting out of bed to try to find him was a little too much. And I don't condone violence at all, especially towards women, but if anyone needed to be smacked, I wish Lucas would have hit Chloe. She has blatantly lied to his face, fell in love with another man but married out of guilt and stupid promises, totally led him on, and the first thing she does when she gets out of her coma is proclaim her love to Dan and run out of bed to be with him? She doesn't even come off as sorry about it to Lucas.
I just wanted to smack the mess out of Hope and Chloe today!

Good show!
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