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Sep 22 2009, 12:28 PM
wow, ej is really an asshole. obviously, what he told nicole was the truth, and i think everyone knows it, including nicole, but to come out and say it to her face (on their honeymoon, no less) really takes the cake. this is really the point in the story where i'd love nicole to say 'fuck this' and run off with sydney, but sadly, we have to watch her convince herself that the best she can do is some guy that only wants to be with her because of their kid. blech. i guess this is one of the pitfalls of plot-based writing.

i guess i can also finally see why corday said that a love interest for hope wouldn't work in the upcoming story--it's because they're writing hope to be such a raging bitch right now, that the only thing that makes sense is for bo to move on with someone else.
Re: EJ & Nicole, I really had no problem with the general idea behind that conversation. It's one that should have been written months ago because it's perfectly understandable to me that BOTH of them--not just EJ, frankly--would question whether getting married was the right thing to do. I have always considered it ridiculous that any man in EJ's financial situation would marry a woman simply because he got her pregnant, and I do think he loves her so I don't buy that anyway, but that aside, I don't have a problem with him saying what he said. He didn't say he wouldn't have had any sort of relationship with her, merely that he didn't know if he would have married her without their child. And I did like that it had zero to do with Sami; EJ could have had nobody in his life prior to Nicole and still have had that same exact conversation, though as you point out the timing of it was insensitive. But anyway, the whole point of the conversation was to reinforce Nicole's decision to keep her secret and as such, is just another example of our wonderful plot-point writing.

As for Hope, I agree that she's being written as such a bitch I can't take her seriously at all. It's so obvious to me that they're trying to justify Justin/Hope and Bo/Carly when she comes back that I can't bring myself to get worked up about her being so ridiculous. Hope has never been one of my favorites but I'm not going to hate her for acting like this when the writers are so clearly trying to tell me what to think. I wish they'd just write the story and let me decide how I feel about it.

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