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Sep 22 2009, 11:22 AM
[Note: This is a long interview, so I'm only posting the Days-related portions here. Click the link to see the full interview.]


Mark joined DOOL June 16 as Nathan Horton, son of Melissa Horton. Though we’ve yet to learn the identity of his father, we do know that Mark plays a very serious intern at University Hospital and his interests in the fairer sex lean toward Melanie (Molly Burnett) and Stephanie (Shelly Hennig). Soaps.com interviewed Mark the day before he started on DOOL, and the fans wanted to know yet more about the new Horton, in specific, about his personal life. Mark and I chatted on and off and with the help of the fans, here is what we found out!

Several fans asked how Mark enjoyed being on the show so far. "Nathan is overall a great character. I am however anxious to see where they take him. Hope it gets real dark and deep." (Smiles) He went on to answer a few other questions regarding his character… When asked who he’d like Nathan to be paired up with, he says, "This is a tough one- I don't have any preconceived ideas of Nathan's storyline. I just want it to be good, fun, exciting and something I can sink my teeth into! I would love to have some scenes with James Scott. I think he would bring an intensity to the scene that would cause me to kick it up a notch."

A few other fans wondered how he liked portraying his alter ego. "Nathan is overall a great character. I am however anxious to see where they take him. Hope it gets real dark and deep."

Mark gave us a little more insight into Nathan, especially where the female persuasion is concerned. "He's not exclusive to anyone yet...he is new and is making new friends and doesn’t want to rush into a relationship just yet without knowing if it’s good for both of them." About how Nathan feels about Stephanie, Mark says, "He sees the good in the both of them. I'm sure he is attracted in a physical way to both because they are both beautiful. He finds his time with Mel fun and exciting and that really attracts him...however she is a bit of a loose cannon and unpredictable and still under Philip’s trance...how can he advance on that? Stephanie is a little more simple...career wise she fits the bill more as far as a relationship goes..." Mark’s not sure if Nathan wants a relationship at all, but was clear in saying that we all want fun and excitement. Nathan’s pretty serious. "He’s not gonna jump into anything unless he’s sure that person really likes him and is willing to commit." What’s to come? Mark says, "Molly and Nathan are getting more fun and there’ll be a lot more goofy scenes between the two. Nathan is close to getting a little action of sorts from one of these lovely ladies." He teases. "Will it be who you expect it to be? And who will be leaving Maggie’s house?" We'll have to watch to find out! He promises that there is more underneath to Nathan than we can see just yet. "Look closely," he says. "I think we’ll be learning a lot more about Nathan, very soon!"

Molly Burnett (Melanie) jokingly asked, "I wanna know how much he enjoys working with his co-star, Molly!" I decided to ask Mark, who had a good laugh and then says, "Molly is a daily dose of delightfulness... She's great!! Really a breath of fresh air!!"

Thanks Ellie!

I really like this young actor - I think he's going places!
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