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I love that Stefano knew that EJ and Kate had a history together. I really can't wait to see what EJ has to say about it. Love that Stefano didn't want to talk about it with him! But why does Ej always come off as this little pansy ass when calling about his daddy. Stefano is a grown man who has come back from the dead numerous times...why is EJ so worried about him?
And yes, EJ could have picked a much better time to tell Nicole that they married for the baby than on his honeymoon. I so can't wait for this whole baby thing to come out so we can get confident Nicole back who would say something like "I only wanted to marry you because you were my baby's daddy and you are a fine ass man to wake up to in the morning". RealNicole and RealEJ are so much better together than SaveMyAssNicole and CluelessEJ.

Fr. Matt and Chloe was just gagsville! What a load of shit! Fr. Matt telling Chloe that she did all she can to forget about Daniel, so now it is okay for her to break her wedding vow? What kind of priest is this? Its not like she even got married in the Church anyways, so what the hell does it matter?
The whole exchange made me loathe Danloe! Well, mostly Chloe...and damn if NB's acting has improved slightly.
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