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Sep 22 2009, 12:28 PM
wow, ej is really an asshole. obviously, what he told nicole was the truth, and i think everyone knows it, including nicole, but to come out and say it to her face (on their honeymoon, no less) really takes the cake. this is really the point in the story where i'd love nicole to say 'fuck this' and run off with sydney, but sadly, we have to watch her convince herself that the best she can do is some guy that only wants to be with her because of their kid. blech. i guess this is one of the pitfalls of plot-based writing.

I guess I read that scene entirely differently. EJ was being honest and Nicole knew all of that - that was the reason she hid her miscarriage! That is the reason she was willing to buy a baby and fake her pregnancy because she knew that EJ was only with her because of the baby. That's why she went to such extreme measures. So EJ confirms it and then he goes on to say that even though he only married her because of Sydney that he also was the happiest he'd ever been - so his confession was a good thing he wasn't being an ass at all.
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