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Viewing Single Post From: TVGuide on Michael Sabatino's return

(Thanks dc cubs!)

This week's TVGuide features a short interview with Michael Sabatino concerning Lawrence's return.

Sabatino relates that it never made sense that Carly and Lawrence left the show as a couple. "Lawrence was a rapist, he poisoned people, he killed people! Why would Carly go off and marry him?" Sabatino says that Days is now going to explain what happened. He says that he and Crystal Chappell have been given "dark, twisted, very interesting stuff to play".

Sabatino characterizes his Days run as "brief", and the article says that he'll be seen in "a series of noir-style flashbacks".

Sabatino will also be joining Chappell's web series Venice, where he'll play Alan, an international hotel owner. Sabatino says that Chappell has not yet told him many details about his character, but she did tell him his character has "an unusual fetish", though he doesn't know yet what that is. He jokes that she's "tormenting" him. "My mind is whirling. In fact, this is scaring me to death. I could be wearing high heels for all I know."

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