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So when the truth comes out, EJ will at least be able to understand what her mindset was.
Not like he ever did anything extreme to keep someone he loved.
The thing is that EJ won't remember any of this. He never does. I think he is like that fish from Finding Nemo. He has short term memory and can't remember shit he did or said just mere moments before.

I got EJ's confession and all, but it was just frustrating because for months and months (and rather earnestly and sincerely) he has been saying and doing by words and actions the opposite and reassuring Nicole that he didn't marry her because of the baby, blah, blah, blah. Hell, he even said that in his vows, so it did make him look like a raging asshole, which isn't exactly news. The writers are doing him no favors. If they had (the writers) or the actor had shown a bit more doubt or uncertainty about EJ's feelings for Nicole, I don't think the character would be coming off as bad.

EJ, Massengill called. They want their douche back. But you can keep the nozzle.
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