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Sep 22 2009, 06:07 PM
Sep 21 2009, 10:56 AM
I despise how Danloe began and I despise at how they are currently ramming them down my throat in saying that they are the next hot couple or the next supercouple. They are not nor will they ever be imo. Bope, Steve/Kayla, Jack/Jennifer, the great Tom and Alice Horton are supercouples not Danloe. I also think that Broe is a supercouple. They had it all and the current iic ruined them. I am of the opinion that they need to be given another crack at their relationship. I loved every aspect of them and I miss them so much.

Nor do I think that Daniel and Chloe will ever have chemistry. Chloe has been OOC ever since she came back from Vienna without Brady. I still want to know what really happened over there to destroy such a wonderful coupling.
You loved every aspect of them? But these two actors have barely shared any scenes together and the ones they have came off as flat as a pancake.
I think Daniel and Chloe have chemistry but then again, chemistry is subjective. I do think Nadia looks great with Shawn onscreen and she seems to have a quality about her when she's with him that makes me want to watch them. Can't say the same thing about any of her previous pairings.
Well they don't want to have more scenes between because I think the iic think that people will start seeing the chemistry. I don't think they came out flat as a pancake but that is how you see it and not me. I hate this character more than I ever have hated any other character on this show because of all the damn pimpin that he gets that I think is underserved.

I love Chloe but I hate seeing her with Daniel because I think that he has brought her down. She has been OOC to me ever since she came back from Vienna because of the iic and I hate it.
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