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Great post!!! I , too, thought the scenes with Sami and Rafe were sweet and touching and wonderfully played by both actors. That 2nd dream scene was the best -- so tender with each other. Loved the fact that even when Sami said she was afraid to tell the dream outloud for fear it wouldn't come true, Sr. Claire said, "but what if it could?" And then started talking about miracles and angels.
I think Sami finally realizes that she make a mistake in not trusting Rafe all along and being so skeptical with taking other people's word for things instead of Rafe's. She now understands what he meant by losing faith in him. He has never given her reason to do that.

I know people have said that Rafe should have been upfront with Sami about everything, but let's not forget that EJ wasn't upfront with her either. He came to Salem telling her he was EJ Wells the British race car driver. He forgot to mention that he was really EJ Dimera, the son of Stefano who had been brought to Salen for one purpose-- to find a Brady woman and impregnate her. That didn't come out for like 7 months after he came.
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