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Sep 18 2009, 09:01 PM
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Sep 18 2009, 12:40 AM
Same tidbits we got from before. Nothing new here.

And I don't believe for one damn second these writers don't have plans to pair Bo and Carly. Please!
Amen!! I don't see what the big deal about Carly's return is?! The bottom line she will come between Bo/Hope. Why can't they put her with someone else??? Leave Bo/Hope alone already.
I soooooooo agree! :rockon: I am sooo sick of these lame butt interloper strorylines for Bo & Hope! Even Peter & Kristian in an SOD last year said during Bo's illness storyline said how tired he was of doing the triangle story! :shithitfan: Maybe that's why they all look so excited during the phot shoot! :frustration: As I said before. I'm happy for the Carly fans! I know Bo & Carly should deal with their past. Just please stay out of Bo & Hope's marriage! :headbang: There are soooooo many other stories they could done for both Peter & Kristian besides this same ole lame ole story! :bs: JMO
If they actually resolve their problems this time around instead of sweeping everything under the rug, IMO, it won't be the same ole story. They really do have a LOT of issues that they have never confronted...it will be interesting to see what role Carly will play in this..maybe she'll be what motivates Hope to try and work things out with Bo or lose him forever. I'm willing to wait to see where this goes first before I can determine if its just a repeat of one of their previous storylines. I think things will really heat up once Carly gets into town.

Why can't Bo/Hope go to marriage counseling, instead of bring Carly in? I'm so sick and tired of triangles with Bo/Hope.
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