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This week's SOD features interviews with James Scott and Ari Zucker.

Last week, EJ answered Nicole's phone and heard Brady say, "The secret is out." Now EJ is wondering what secret this refers to. He asks Nicole, but she doesn't give him the information he's looking for. Ari Zucker says that Nicole "throws Brady under the bus". Nicole tells EJ that Brady is on drugs again and that's he's not saying rational things because of it.

EJ doesn't believe Nicole, so he tells her that they should talk to Brady. They leave Paris and return to Salem. Nicole meets Brady in the park so that she can ask him to back up her story. However, EJ asks his employee Marco to follow Nicole. James Scott says, "Marco records the conversation that [Nicole] and Brady have, and this is going to turn out to be the beginning of their undoing."

In the course of Nicole's conversation with Brady, Nicole mentions her miscarriage. EJ listens to the tape over and over, and then Nicole walks in with Brady. Brady tells EJ that he's back on cocaine, and as James Scott says, "EJ lets [Nicole] dig herself into a big hole." James Scott says that EJ is both angry and hurt. "He's a bunch of things," says Scott. "Anger is not the first. He's very upset, very betrayed."

EJ pulls out pregnancy padding he found. Nicole tells him she doesn't know what it is, and she asks him where he got it. Nicole tells EJ that women buy padding like that to help their clothes fit in the second and third trimester.

Then, EJ pulls out the tape. Nicole tells EJ that that was a private conversation, and then she says that the miscarriage refers to a miscarriage she had a few years back. But then, EJ tells Nicole that she lied to him.

SOD ends by asking, Will Nicole come clean??


EJ Learns Nicole Miscarried

EJ uncovers that Nicole had a miscarriage and kept it from him. It all starts while EJ and Nicole are in Paris and Brady calls. He is trying to get hold of Nicole to tell her Chad found out about Mia's baby. It's a bad connection and Brady thinks Nicole is on the phone. He says "If you can hear me, the secret is out."

EJ actually answers the phone. He is stunned and full of questions for Nicole. Nicole conjures up another lie. "Nicole kind of throws Brady under the bus, chuckles AZ. She spins a tale about Brady have love life problems, falling off the wagon and doing drugs again. EJ isn't buying it at all and is skeptical and over Nicole.

EJ insists on knowing the truth and says they are cutting the honeymoon short and heading home so he can confront Brady. They fly back to Salem and Nicole sneaks off to meet Brady and asks him to corroborate her story that he called her in Paris because he is using again.

"Brady's like, 'Do you have any idea what this will do to my family?' My grandfather will never forgive me. I'll be fired,'" recounts AZ. "Nicole says, 'Your family will forgive you. What about me?'". She goes on about her life being ruined and being run out of town if EJ learns of the miscarriage. She is desperate for Brady's help.

Eventually Brady agrees to lie for Nicole. Little do they know that a DiMera minion is recording their whole conversation. He later plays the tape for EJ who is stunned to hear Nicole mention a miscarriage. Nicole returns home and takes Brady with her. Brady explains why he called in Paris, but EJ couldn't care less. He tells him to get out.

Alone with Nicole, EJ confronts her about her lies and plays the recording of her and Brady. "EJ's angry and upset," says AZ. "It's good stuff for him, because he doesn't look like the village idiot anymore."

But not so good for Nicole, who's caught. Yet, she still tries to get out of it. She tells EJ she did have a miscarriage, but it didn't have anything to do with him. It happened years ago and wasn't his baby.

EJ remains unconvinced and asks his wife point-blank if their child died that night in the clinic. "Nicole swears that she delievered their baby," says Zucker, pointing out that her character "is a survivor. She will do anything to survive. If it means continuining lie after lie, she'll do it. Nicole is in love with EJ and absolutely loves Sydney. She'll do anything to protect her marriage and that baby. She also knows if the truth ever comes out, she's going to jail for the rest of her life."

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