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Sep 23 2009, 09:30 AM
Forgive me, but I just don't get the OOC comment. She came back almost 10 years older and quite sexually active which I don't think is a stretch.
She was hurt by what happened with Brady and wanted to get over him so she turned to Philip and started having casual sex with him. She had strong feelings for him when she was young and they never slept together, so I understand her desire for him. But then something went wrong and she wound up getting pounded by Lucas in an elevator. At that point, she wasn't attracted to him (not that she ever was) but she just wanted to get back at Philip. The biggest mistake she made was living with Lucas and getting engaged, because she clearly didn't love him the way she should have.
Daniel showed her what she was missing. And yes, maybe it started off as a strong physical attraction that she could not deny, but that alone should have clued her into the fact that she needed to dump Lucas ASAP. I don't think she's OCC at all. She just made some mistakes like everyone else.
At least she's following her heart now. Daniel has been on her mind and in her heart for months. I don't know if it will work out, but I'm glad she's getting an opportunity to see if it does.
Well to me she is acting OOC but so is Brady right now imo. I don't think that Chloe would ever do the things that she has been doing lately. But they never explained what went down in Vienna which I still find it to be very shady. Brady and Chloe loved each other so much and I think that they could overcome all obstacles like Bo and Hope have in the past. To me they are supercouple like Bo and Hope and I hate what the iic have done to their love for each other.

But imo, Lucas and Phillip were both a mistake. I didn't like that at all. Oh yeah Father Matt okays it then it can be okay. Hell no. No priest would not do that. A priest would tell him or her to try to work out their problems with his or her spouse. Everyone does make mistakes but Daniel has been one of Chloe's biggest and I only hope that will change quickly because he is no good for her. I will never get over the way they started and I just want that BS to end because Brady was and will always be her destiny.
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