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Sep 23 2009, 01:23 PM
Back when it was first announced that she was coming back to Days, I could tell she wasn't happy about it. Everyone was like, "Oh... you're reading too much into it. She's just sad that GL is ending." But I was right, LoL. Her heart wasn't in it, and IMO, her heart still isn't in it. She might be enjoying the story in terms of getting steady work and still getting a paycheck, but I don't think she feels emotionally connected to Days at all. I think this is just another job for her. On Twitter and in interviews, she's always gushing about GL and chomping at the bit to talk about Venice, but the only time she mentions Days is when someone directly asks her about it. She never goes out of her way to gush about Carly the way she gushes about other characters/shows/projects.
I definitely see your points. She does seem to be more willing to say good things about GL and Venice on her own, and it seems like she only discusses DAYS when other people do. It may just be because I started watching a couple years after Carly already left, but I feel absolutely no connection to Carly. She's not connected to DAYS at all and it's really showing and I fear it's going to show even more once she arrives. Unlike Frankie, Steve, Kayla and even Justin, Carly has no real connections to Salem. Frankie and Kayla were Bradys and were often mentioned in passing. Steve was the same way and he was related to Jack. Justin has the Kiriakis family to come back. What connects Carly to the show? Nothing at all.
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