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Sep 23 2009, 02:06 PM
This sounds way too draggy. I guess so it has Nicole digging herself deeper, but come on...dragging Brady into this? Probably will hurt Ej more knowing that Nicole had Brady on her side this whole time. And him backing up such a big lie about using cocaine shows that Brady is still into Nicole big time! Hmm...

It would be awesome if it ties into EJ's own conception with the faking pregnancy...maybe Stefano can fill Ej in on that story.
I love that we are finally getting an answer, and can't wait to see what EJ will do.

if the trip to Paris is so short lived, why did they even go all that way? What was the point of Paris?
Thanks for sharing!
Maybe it's actually Kristen's pregnancy padding, not Nicole's. LOL. I've never heard the term "pregnancy padding" so many times in my life.
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