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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Well...I'll give you guys three guesses as to how I'd like to see this turn out...and the first two don't count. ;)

I think Rafe disappearing and EJ learning the truth about Nicole's lies regarding the miscarriage are happening simultaneously for a reason. I suspect that we'll see EJami beginning to make peace and then slowly rebuilding their bond over the next several weeks as we build toward the huge reveal about Sydney. EJ will likely be reeling about what Nicole has done - and it's unlikely he'll feel he can confide in 'fatha' now that he's got that whole awkward situation with his new step-mummy/ex-lover. Who will EJ confide in? My guess is Sami. At first they'll be together because of their co-parenting of Johnny - but I believe EJ is finally going to have his eyes opened to the fact that what Sami tried to warn him about was actually the case in regard to Nicole - and hopefully he'll take it a step further and realize she was right about the influence of Stefano, as well.

I have no illusions that EJami will then ride off to happily ever after but will continue on toward the next triangle Dena promised us a year ago - EJ/Sami/Rafe. But I think it's all been set up so they can FINALLY have Sami choose EJ over what some would consider to be a worthy opponent. They botched that badly with the EJamicus triangle - I think they'll get it right this time. :)
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