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Sep 23 2009, 02:30 PM
... I suspect that we'll see EJami beginning to make peace and then slowly rebuilding their bond over the next several weeks as we build toward the huge reveal about Sydney. EJ will likely be reeling about what Nicole has done - and it's unlikely he'll feel he can confide in 'fatha' now that he's got that whole awkward situation with his new step-mummy/ex-lover. Who will EJ confide in? My guess is Sami...

IA, I also think that EJ will confide in Sami but I expect it to play out differently. Seeing that Sami is still head over heals in love and in lust with Rafe and has no idea that Nicole had switched the babies and thinks that Nicole is her best friend (lol, even with the baby switch Nicole probably is her only friend aside from Lucas) Sami will probably tell EJ that he is lucky to have a woman that loved him enough to spend her life and the life of her child with him. I'm sure Sami will go on and on about how much Rafe loved Grace and what a great dad he was and how it is love that makes a family, like the love Sami and Rafe had for each other and for Grace.

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