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I admit I'm glad to hear this storyline is finally over. But I don't understand why anyone would think this means EJole is over for good. I'm not suggesting EJ will be fine with the manipulation, he's gonna be angry and livid (and rightfully so) but I don't believe Nicole has done anything unforgivable. Why? Because primarily this is a soap. There is no such thing as an unforgivable act. If there were, EJ would have been written off a long time ago. For that matter, Sami would have been written off back when she was a teenager as she did a very similar stunt with her own sister. (And before you can throw up that she had a juvenile mind at the time, Nicole just went through a miscarriage basically alone. Her hormones don't excuse her acts, but it's not that unforgivable either as soaps act go).

EJ has only two love interests, Sami and Nicole, and if Sami can return to be with EJ, so can Nicole. Since Sami is doing well with Rafe while Nicole's own actions won't undo all the damage EJ and Sami have done to each other, especially in recent months, I don't think EJami is at all certain. If Dena has taught us anything, she can find inexplicable reasons to push couples together (the horrific Chex and Chan coming to mind), and EJole have way more chemistry and creditability to overcome this and get back together.
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