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Sep 23 2009, 11:53 AM
Sep 23 2009, 09:28 AM
Sep 23 2009, 08:03 AM
I know people have said that Rafe should have been upfront with Sami about everything, but let's not forget that EJ wasn't upfront with her either. He came to Salem telling her he was EJ Wells the British race car driver. He forgot to mention that he was really EJ Dimera, the son of Stefano who had been brought to Salen for one purpose-- to find a Brady woman and impregnate her. That didn't come out for like 7 months after he came.
Right...and look how well that turned out for him. :huh:

So are you saying that because EJ wasn't upfront with her in the beginning, it's good that Rafe isn't either? :unsure:
No, I am not saying that at all!!! I am just bringing up the fact that a lot of people bring up Rafe's being less than forthcoming with Sami about his past, but that EJ was the same way and that seems to be OK. Although we don't know the reason for Rafe not being totally upfront yet, we do know that the reason EJ wasn't was b//c Stefano didn't want Sami or anyone to know he was a Dimera at first and what his sole purpose in Salem was to be. I am not saying either man was right.
Great Post Magic!!!
I had all but forgot about Ej lying to Sami! Kudos for remembering that one!
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