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Sep 23 2009, 03:34 PM
Sep 23 2009, 03:26 PM
Sami was dumbed down hugely when she was married to him. The whole vendetta storyline had Sami dumbed down.
There was nothing really for Sami to be dumbed down for by then. EJ wasn't really the evil person he was at one time during his marriage to Sami. By the time EJ and Sami were married, EJ was pretty much trying to come out of the DiMera shadow and be a better man for Sami, but his desire to impress Stefano had him torn.

But when EJ was actually doing all of those horrible things to everyone in Salem, from about October 06 until about May or June 07, everyone knew EJ was doing those things, including Sami. Every bad thing that happened in Salem she blamed EJ for. She was not dumbed down at that point at all.
AUG 07 ej tring kill lucas(and for some reason sami believe he had not been responsible about it)

oct 07 ej think of hurting wiil or sami family member to convicce sami to marry him anf forge attack on kate

de 07 pretend to be paralyzed

jan 08-may 08-only after lucas was in jail ej start saying is trying to come out of the DiMera shadow ( but he lie about imigration thing and paid nicole to show up in the hearing to irritate sami and stepano been in coma most of time and other stuff)
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