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Sep 23 2009, 06:34 PM
I think people are reading way too much into Crystal's interviews since it was announced she would be returning to Days.

Crystal was the first GL cast-member to be hired for a new role and the only cast-member lucky enough to be regularly employed in Daytime when Guiding Light ended. She had enormous respect for Guiding Light and her fellow cast members and I see her concentration on GL as not wanting to flaunt her good fortune while a show they all loved was ending and their own careers in Daytime were on hold.

She has also not been allowed to say much about her returning storyline until now, when the first spoilers are beginning to filter through. And, while her position on Days is established and she knows she is settled there for the long term, Venice is only just starting up, and it makes sense that she would use the impetus from her storyline on GL to support and promote something that she and her friends are donating their own time, money and creative skills to.

I don't share the general view in this thread that Crystal isn't enthusiastic about recreating Carly ... she has tweeted about how much she's enjoying it, she has also said in interviews that when she reads her scripts, the writing is so good and so classically Daytime, that she doesn't want it to end.

I also have a little insider knowledge ... not a lot, just bits & pieces ... and everything I have heard tells me that Crystal is very happy to have this chance to reinvent Carly, and that's she's having a lot of fun doing it.

Totally agree with you Win. I can't wait for Carly's return - to have a traditional soap story with murder, mayhem, adultery, ghosts from Christmas past - what could be more wonderful than that? Here's to Vivian, Carly and Lawrence returning to Days.

I've read Crystal's recent interviews and she seems nothing but gracious and grateful for whatever she is doing - I think, like Win, that she didn't want to flaunt her new gig on Days while GL was ending and her castmates, her friends, would be essentially unemployed.

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