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Sep 23 2009, 08:50 PM
Seriously, why in the hell did Nicole not get rid of the padding the first chance she got? After how crazy she's been about covering all of her bases, you're telling me she didn't even think to get rid of the damn pregnancy pad?

The only thing I really want to come from this story is to make E.J. a force to be reckoned with in Salem, like he used to be. I want all the deception and lies and betrayal to send him to a really dark place.
I think that he's going to a dark place, but it will be his total redemption. He's been set up as being betrayed by all the people that he loves, and will be forced to take a good look at himself and what he's become. I think that's why he got so close to his father again, so that he'll see that everyone (Tony, Sami, Marlena, John) was right about Stephano, and everyone was right about Nicole too. I want EJ to be smart again, but not a villain. He really wasn't much more of a villain than Lucas, Sami Jack, Nicole or Kate were/are. He's a gray character. There really is only one evil character. Stephano.
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