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Sep 23 2009, 02:07 PM
It's a crime that it's taken EJ almost a whole year to uncover the truth. Some character you just can't dupe and EJ should be one of them considering how many people he's duped in the past. Sami is the other character, if anyone cares to know.

Anyway, I'm just glad that it seems to be ending soon. I'm so ready for this storyline to end. I just don't know what I want to happen afterwards. I definitely want Nicole to leave town to hide from EJ's wrath and I think that's what will happen to explain Arianne Zucker's maternity leave. But what will they do with EJ? I don't know if I'm ready for another triangle with Sami in the middle. And I don't think EJ would instantly fall in love with Sami again either. She still lied to him about Grace, even if the baby wasn't really theirs. He can't forgive her for that anytime soon.

Here's the story I would like to see: Nicole leaves town to get away from EJ. Sami and Rafe get back together. Sami wants to get to know Sydney, but EJ is still furious with her about Grace so he forbids it. A custody battle then occurs, and EJ works the judge to rule in his favor. EJ does this just to hurt Sami, but then he starts to remember the feelings he has for Sami and he wants to be with her. However, EJ tells Sami that the only way she can see Sydney is if she leaves Rafe and marries him. Then you would have Sami torn between her love for her child, and the love for the man she loves (Rafe).

Well that would definately be very much EJ's style(Taking what or who he wants regardless of how they might feel).. But it should take some time..Like you said a Triangle would be a bad idea.. and in truth Sami has very much made her heart known.
Frankly I wouldnt mind EJ kidnapping her, tricking her and stealing her away somewhere.
Its very 'Dimera-ish'
This way Rafe can work to find her and rescue Sami, and Sydney if need be.

I think EJ will remain married to Nicole though even if he sends her away for awhile, because like Sami .. He may hate her when this all comes out, but he also came to love her.
Forgiving his Father will be the hardest of all.. But perhaps Stephano will point out the benefits of Nicoles lie to EJ, and forgivness will come.
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