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I think the best thing they could do is phase out Rafe and Arianna. They bring nothing to the table storywise. It is too costly to backstory these characters and it is a waste of time. The ratings have flatlined so it's not like their addition has really helped in the ratings all that much. I think it would be best to put all the writing energy towards interesting characters not try and get DAYS fans to like Tomlins Passion's actors and characters.

I would be ok if they backburned the character of Sami for awhile. She just has been overexposed. They should have given Ali months and months off for maternity leave and then brought her back. Her return after a long break would have been better and viewers would have anticipated an exciting return. Sami has gotten boring since they put her with Rafe, they need to get her away from Rafe before he sucks the life out of her.
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