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Sep 23 2009, 02:41 PM
Sep 23 2009, 02:19 PM
I'd love for Nicole to be heartbroken, and turn to Brady after Ej ditches her. But Sydney is miserable without Nicole, so Ej reluctantly has Nicole visit Sydney, and he falls for her again but hides it since she living with Brady. I'd much prefer a Brady/EJ/Nicole triangle than a Brady/Nicole/Arianna triangle. I might take a Brady/Nicole/Arianna/EJ quad.

I don't think I can buy anything Ejami right now as it is too soon after Sami has professed his evilness, and Ej her evilness, and Sami fresh off of sainthood and Ej fresh off of putting a hit on Phillip would be too forced. But that is how they do things on Days.
But hey, if AZ is gone, they might just have to put Ej with Sami...until she gets back.

There are so many possible triangles in this scenario...it's got to be good. They have to be really bad writers to screw this all up. Lots of options here. Unfortunately, the only pair I am seeing that they won't ditch is Safe. Sigh.
I love your idea of EJ reluctantly letting Nicole visit Syd, because you know that baby is going to cry in every scene without her. Then he falls back in love with her (or realizes how much he still loves her, whichever). I like it a lot! It could definitely salvage Ejole ... and I could TOTALLY go for a Ejole/Bricole triangle.

If not, than EJ should just be alone and miserable. :D

I honestly cannot see them going down the Ejami road again. HUGE fail the first time, even more unbelievable now. Besides, Sami clearly has felt nothing for EJ for quite some time, not even really hate anymore, in fact she seems quite indifferent to him these days. I really cannot understand the mentality that the reveal that Sydney is the Ejami baby will bring them closer together. Why would it? Sami tried to hide the Ejami baby from EJ because she didn't want him in her baby's life or her life. Why would anything be different now? So now EJ will discover that he was betrayed by both of the women in his life (and Daddy) ... that doesn't seem like a springboard to a new romance, or a reunion of any kind .. more like a trigger to a freefall into oblivion, but maybe thats just me. ;)
I totally agree. I have never understood why it is assumed that when Sami finds out that Sydney is hers and EJ's, she will run to him and they will be together again to raise their children. Like the previous comment, Sami didn't want EJ or the Dimera family to have anything to do with Grace and hid her from EJ, so why would she want Sydney to be a part of that family now, not to mention Ali and Will? Just don't see that happening. I think they may call a truce for the kids' sake and try to get along, but that will be the extent of it.

Sami has not had feelings for EJ for a long time now. I remember Ali saying in an interview that "interestingly enough, hate is not the opposite of love". She is right--- the opposite of hate is INDIFFERENCE and that is how Sami feels toward EJ-- indifferent. However, she does LOVE Rafe and as Brady says, "he loves her more than anything in the world". She is not going to give up that love. Who wants another blackmail storyline? We have had that with EJ and Sami already and it was a flop big time. Also, there is one going on with Stefano and Kate right now.
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