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Sep 24 2009, 09:54 AM
The beauty of this storyline is the slow pacing, the fakeouts, and the constant evolution that envelops the characters and overlaps sub-groupings on this show. It blurs the lines and sucks more and more characters into this mess, so when it does blow, the effects will be felt by every facet of the show.

It's a mixture of Reilly style storytelling, and more tradional heartfelt tales (ala Bill Bell...). Some may not like it, but remember it took years for Bill to find out Mike was his son. It also took years for John to see that Kristen was an evil, vindictive monster; and years more for him to be united with Marlena. Still, we look back on those storylines as the best this show had to offer.

The other part that makes this good is the question of "Who is the end game?" "Who is the hero?" Is the best man for Sami Rafe, EJ, or neither one? Is Nicole really evil, or has she evolved since taking on motherhood, and should we feel sympathy? This storyline presents more questions that answers, and THATS a good, soapy tale that we will remember.
It didn't take years for John and Marlena to reunite. It took years for them to get married. John went home with her after the confrontation with Kristen.

I don't have a problem with the story dragging out. It's a soap. That's what they do. I have a problem with it sucking, and there being no rootable characters.
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