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Sep 24 2009, 10:39 AM
I don't believe the story will be written that Sami 'will run to EJ' once she finds out that Sydney is their daughter. In fact, I think that's the reason things are unfolding as they are - Sami and EJ will likely have already rekindled their love for one another BEFORE they find out that their daughter is alive and well. These next weeks EJ is going to be facing some hard truths - he allowed himself to be completely fooled by Nicole and manipulated by his father, all due to his desperation to finally get over Sami. In his attempts to doing that - he basically allowed himself to become steeped in all the things she feared. I suspect these next several weeks will show that EJ finally realizes what Sami told him a few weeks ago in the park - he's become the man he never wanted to be.
I believe they have written Rafe out of the picture coinciding with EJ's realization in order to allow Sami and EJ to grow closer - Sami seeing that EJ finally understands what she warned him about all along. It wasn't that Sami never wanted EJ to be a part of their daughter's life - she didn't want Stefano to have any influence. She was completely conflicted on telling EJ just before she went to WP - both due to her distrust of Stefano and her jealously of his relationship with Nicole. The two of them both made huge miscalculations about how the other felt - classic, soapy angst. It seems to me we're finally heading in to the stage of the story that allows them to both realize how wrong they've been all along and have the opportunity to make things right with one another. Finally.

And then...they'll find out that their daughter is still very much alive. :wub:
You know...I think this could have worked if the audience isn't the way it is. Or at leas the way the boards are. Most people (even the EJAMIs) seem to be either Team Sami or Team EJ, and if you love one right now, you hate the other. Even if you want them together, it's because you're overlooking everything you hate about one right now. Obviously, this isn't true for every fan of each character or fanbase as a whole, but it's just the way I've noticed discussions lately. I think the story could have worked, but they did a horrible job of showing cause and effect all the way through.
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