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Sep 24 2009, 12:28 PM
Sep 24 2009, 10:39 AM
I don't believe the story will be written that Sami 'will run to EJ' once she finds out that Sydney is their daughter. In fact, I think that's the reason things are unfolding as they are - Sami and EJ will likely have already rekindled their love for one another BEFORE they find out that their daughter is alive and well. These next weeks EJ is going to be facing some hard truths - he allowed himself to be completely fooled by Nicole and manipulated by his father, all due to his desperation to finally get over Sami. In his attempts to doing that - he basically allowed himself to become steeped in all the things she feared. I suspect these next several weeks will show that EJ finally realizes what Sami told him a few weeks ago in the park - he's become the man he never wanted to be.
I believe they have written Rafe out of the picture coinciding with EJ's realization in order to allow Sami and EJ to grow closer - Sami seeing that EJ finally understands what she warned him about all along. It wasn't that Sami never wanted EJ to be a part of their daughter's life - she didn't want Stefano to have any influence. She was completely conflicted on telling EJ just before she went to WP - both due to her distrust of Stefano and her jealously of his relationship with Nicole. The two of them both made huge miscalculations about how the other felt - classic, soapy angst. It seems to me we're finally heading in to the stage of the story that allows them to both realize how wrong they've been all along and have the opportunity to make things right with one another. Finally.

And then...they'll find out that their daughter is still very much alive. :wub:
So -- badda bing--- Sami is just going to forget about Rafe, the man she has told everyone she is in love with and has been dreaming about, is trying to reach, and desperately trying to find -- and rekindle her feelings for EJ. Why? What would be her motivation for that? Sami has not shown us any indication that she has any feelings for EJ, but all of a sudden, they just appear on the scene?

How have they written Rafe out of the picture? He has been kidnapped by Meredith for a short time, Sami is going to be frantically searching for him with Ari and most likely will be the one to find him. He is supposed to go look for Sydney with Sami, according to the spoilers we have heard.

I remember when Rafe and EJ and Sami were at the funeral home after Grace died, she told EJ that she kept Grace from him b/c she didn't want her raised by a father like him. At first, it was Stefano she feared, but then when she found out that EJ beat up Brady, tried to kill Philip, not once, but twice, and kidnapped her cousin, Stephanie, she realized she didn't want him in Grace's life anymore than his father. And wasn't Sami the one who told her dad, Roman, that if she had to do it all over, she would do the same thing again?
I don't know if I would be making any predication based on spoilers or where you think storylines are going. It seems like there has been some changes going on. Galen mentioned it and so did Joe M. Days is entering into that critical time frame and I bet they have focus groups being worked pretty aggressively to make sure they aren't taking these storyline and characters to places that will tune out the viewers. Days has been slipping in those important demographics and they can't afford to do that. It seems from what I read the actors themselves are unsure what is going to be happening with their characters.
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