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Sep 23 2009, 05:46 PM
Sep 23 2009, 02:11 PM
I hope when the baby reveal comes out and Mia/Chad find out that their child is dead, they can't both head off canvas. Is there really any reason to keep Mia and Chad around? Watching Will and Mia is like watching paint dry, and Chad has no point without them.

Good riddance! I was never a big fan of the teen scene anyways.
Iīm pretty sure Mia and Will will stay. Will is Samiīs son so his place is more than secure and he will always need a girlfriend. I quess Mia and Chad could reunite and decide to leave, but I have feeling they will try to secure Chadīs place on the show as well. He is the strongest actor from that group and from his twittering it seems he will be the leading force in the negotiation between EJ and Mia so they must be aware of his abilities. Oh, and he dates Molly and Molly is the darling of the show. They wouldnīt dare to fire her boyfriend. :D
I had heard at one point that TPTB don't like the pairing of Mia and Chad due to the age difference, so Chad may be leaving in February. That is not for sure, tho.
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