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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

So -- badda bing--- Sami is just going to forget about Rafe, the man she has told everyone she is in love with and has been dreaming about, is trying to reach, and desperately trying to find -- and rekindle her feelings for EJ.

From the Soaps.com spoilers for the week of 9/28 we have:
Sami decides she needs to get over Rafe
Judging from that, it doesn't sound like she keeps up her 'desperate' search for him all that long. And as for guys she dreams about...that's pretty much a standard for Sami. Not so long ago she was waking up from dreams about being in bed with EJ. Or replacing the image of Nicole with herself when looking at EJole's wedding and wishing it was her. I think those were a good indication about her feelings for EJ. There have been plenty of others.

How have they written Rafe out of the picture? He has been kidnapped by Meredith for a short time, Sami is going to be frantically searching for him with Ari and most likely will be the one to find him. He is supposed to go look for Sydney with Sami, according to the spoilers we have heard .

I already covered the first part above, but the bolded part of your statement is based on speculation - not spoilers. Many people believe that Nicole will run with Sydney as the truth comes out - which will help cover AZ's maternity leave. But that is not a certainty - nor do we know what the other characters will do if that does happen. It's all speculation.

I remember when Rafe and EJ and Sami were at the funeral home after Grace died, she told EJ that she kept Grace from him b/c she didn't want her raised by a father like him. At first, it was Stefano she feared, but then when she found out that EJ beat up Brady, tried to kill Philip, not once, but twice, and kidnapped her cousin, Stephanie, she realized she didn't want him in Grace's life anymore than his father. And wasn't Sami the one who told her dad, Roman, that if she had to do it all over, she would do the same thing again?

Both EJ and Sami said a lot of things at the funeral home and after Grace died. Grief, shock, anger - they take a terrible toll on people and that was certainly the case there. But at the same time, how often has Sami said - even to Rafe - that EJ is a great father, etc. I don't hold either of them to what they said in the wake of that crushing blow. Time heals those wounds - which is what I think we'll be seeing as the next part of this story unfolds.

EJ and Sami have quite a history together at this point. They've spent years immersed in one another's orbit, despite who either of them might be 'committed' to and yet neither of them have ever been fully able to let go. I think we're finally coming to the point in time that they will both acknowledge the feelings that have long been there and commit to them. All of the obstacles that have kept them apart are being cleared away - no more lies between them, both unattached, an even playing ground. I personally can't wait to watch it all play out. :)
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