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I hope she crawls under EJ, gets possessed and it triggers an apocolypse. Really hope when Rafe is found that he wants nothing to do with Sami, I just think he would be better off. This woman is so wishy washy, I think her and Hope might as well be twins.
Wow, I thought you were a Safe fan.

I hope that EJ is the one figuring things out while Rafe is "MIA". The writers would at least do the right thing that way for the Days' viewers.

I would like to see Sami working. There are a lot of single moms working for a living and supporting their kids all on their own. Seeing Sami doing that for a while and growing into a mature woman and mother would be nice. She should just be on her own for a while. And in the end, with EJ of course!!
Let me tell you what it is first, and foremost-- I am a Safe fan. I cannot see what people see boring about this guy... Him and Sami up til Meridith or maybe even the baby's death- Fired me up, they way he joked with her when they got home, and didn't put up with any of her crap in the safe house. I loved it... but the moment Meridith entered the scene Sami's brain disappeared. When she went to the convent I thought now she'll find herself. She came home ready to talk to Rafe, and now she's ready to move on. It's back to the Goddess of indecision.

I just cannot see EJ & Sami, they have never been together where both parties entered in openly and truley of their own free choice. He did, she didn't. He was controlling her the whole time. And now he controls Nicole, then he'll try to control Kate. He beat up Brady, and now has Nicole followed-- I cannot see any good in this man, people would say he's a loving father-- but what kind of example is he showing his children. I watched Sami from the beginning, and know she has a heart as big as all out doors, and she is strong and strong willed. Being with this guy, would just turn me off from her character.

I always thought Sami would make a great host for Hearth & Home. But she'll probably go to work at the hospital, maybe in pediatrics-- that would be nice. Rafe, PI, I would love that it's his forte`.
The reason Sami is still on this show is because she was an interesting character - it wasn't because everyone loved her and she was a hero type. Sami was a bitch. Evil, a bad seed with periods of showing she didn't totally have a black heart. Carrie and Belle were lovely women - good girls who made some wrong decisions but good for the most part - WHERE ARE THEY?? GONE!!! Why because they really weren't all that interesting!

EJ like Sami was/is bad - but he has moments (many) where he isn't totally bad. Infact EJ is a whole lot of things. Evil yes, but he is also warm, charming, clever, funny, sexy, etc.... EJ like Sami is the gift that keeps on giving. Rafe not so much. Rafe is a one dimensional character. He's like a Carrie or a Belle. Dull Dull Dull. IMO
I've watched Sami the whole time and never saw her as a bad seed-- she had a horrible childhood, never raises by both of her parents. Did crazy things to feel love, because she didn't feeling it growing up, and it's no wonder. It was always one or the other parent, kidnapped by Stefano, then the other. She ended up being raised by a man, for alot of her childhood, that she thought was her father, and it turned out he wasn't. Her whole youth had been a lie. She does and has always had a big heart, and no clue how to fill it. Rafe sees all of it, and likes all of it. Does need or want her to change, finds her aggravating sometimes, but likes that aggravating feeling.

EJ with Sami was the guy that kept on lying... Who he was, their friendship in the beginning, protecting her from the blackmailer, what he wanted from her, the paralyse, the deportation, the annullment, the whole thing with Nicole. And in the beginning when he was 'romancing' Sami, he was sleeping with Kate.

Throw away the English accent-- I've never seen him as warm, charming, or funny-- Just evil, manipulating, and a obsessive control freak.

I think we've seen many sides of Rafe, he is unreadible totally. Here it is nearly a year, and this man is still a total mystery... We have some pieces of the puzzle but have no clue what the final picture is suppose to look like.

You see Rafe as dull, and I don't see it, agree to disagree.

I'm just tired of Sami, and the Goddess of indecision. If there was any good in EJ, maybe seen when he rescued John or at the safe house, is long been overtaken by the darkness. Even though and this point he was lying to Sami, to keep her married to him. Let us not forget the deportation thing, which was stupid, EJ was born in Salem.

Do I feel sorry for EJ for what begins to stir tomorrow, maybe, but maybe, the evils he's done in now coming back to bite him in the *ss. To put them back together, is to totally rewrite either one's character. A good EJ, would make me want to vomit, and an evil Sami-- well I just wouldn't watch her anymore...

It would be another Kate/Stefano combinationg, I don't mean what brought them together, I mean it would have the same type of fallout.
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