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Sep 24 2009, 12:01 PM
Sep 24 2009, 11:58 AM
See, I'm a Sami fan AND a Nicole fan. Nicole wasn't a stripper, she was a model - before that she worked at the Java Cafe, before that her father drugged her and forced her into porn. After she was a model, she was Victor's trophy wife, after they split, she worked with Austin and Sami in his start-up company.
And Sami and Lucas lived off of THEIR savings. Lucas had worked at Titan for years, he worked for Tony for awhile, he worked for Kate's various companies ... he only ended up working for EJ when EJ and Kate joined forces. He lost that job when he did the right thing and turned EJ (and Kate) in for fraud. He and Sami discussed that THEY had savings and investments that would carry them for awhile and they would be ok. I would think after working for the richest people in town for most of his time in Salem, Lucas would have plenty in savings. Sami? Doubt it.

Oh, and if Sami and Rafe ever have a P.I. business, I will know for sure that tptb decided to replace Lucas/Lumi with Rafe/Safe - because several Lumi fans have been wanting that for Lumi for years.
Thanks. I had forgotten about her being forced into porn. Didn't she try to kill Chloe with that flesh eating bacteria?
Wait a minute, there was a spoiler about Sami looking for a job and that somehow lead to a discussion about Nicole's crimes? Good to know.
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