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Well I think its obvious as always that every fanbase see's a light at the end of the tunnel for their couple, or atleast tries to. Thats only Natural.

I stand by my belief that the show is doing better than it has in years, And I believe Safe and Ejole play a role in that. IMO

Whats also obvious to anyone with objectivity is that Sami and Rafe DO Love eachother.
I personally see o hope for any true romance for Ejami, but that does not mean that He wont ever have her back.. But her heart now belongs to Rafe , regardless of where the story goes. If she and Rafe are parted it will be because of circumstances they cant control.

In no way do I see the writers pulling away from Rafe or pushing hm to the back .. He and Brady are clearly the future hero's of the show..
I just wish they would write different for Brady .. I want to see him back in black tee shirts, and see his toughness.. He is being written as too soft, seems almost fragile and lacks edge.
I want to see him and Rafe Bond and work together, and kick some butt.
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