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Arianna and Sami team up to find the missing Rafe this week, unaware that psycho Meredith has kidnapped him and plans to kill him.

SOW:While Rafe wakes up cuffed to a pipe in the basement and at Meredith's mercy, Arianna goes to talk to Sami about him missing brother. What goes down between them?

Hartley:Arianna hasn't heard from Rafe. She's been calling him constantly, leaving messages, and not getting a response. She assumes he is with Sami or that she has done something to him. She's worried and goes to confront Sami about what's going on.

SOW:But Arianna learns that Sami hasn't heard from Rafe, either.

Hartley:Yes. That's when Arianna realizes she's being a complete jerk. Of course Sami hasn't done anything to Rafe! The two of them decide that even though they haven't gotten along in the past, they are going to work through and work together to find out what's going on with Rafe. They're actually developing a really cool relationship.

SOW:While Arianna and Sami are coming to a truce, Meredith hacks into Rafe's blackberry and sends goodbye e-mails to both of them, saying he's left town for a fresh start. How do they react?

Hartley:Arianna and Sami are both upset. Arianna remembers that this isn't the first time that Rafe has disappeared, but she doesn't want to talk about it. They both end up believing that Rafe left town.

SOW:Later, Arianna bumps into Meredith at The Cheatin' Heart. What is that encounter like?

Hartley:Arianna tries to talk to Meredith. The last time they saw each other, Meredith was angry, and with a good reason. Her sister had just died. Arianna has a lot of guilt, as far as that goes. She wants to make up with Meredith, but Meredith starts saying a lot of negative stuff about Rafe. Arianna realizes there is something odd about her;there is a lot of anger inside her.

SOW:Later, Arianna learns from Roman that Meredith has gone missing. What's her reaction?

Hartley:That's when Arianna starts going, "Okay. Something is wrong." She starts thinking that Meredith has something to do with Rafe's disappearance based on the conversation they had the night before. Meredith was still so angry at Rafe and went on about how she hoped he woke up every morning remembering what he'd done to her sister.

SOW:In the interim, Meredith takes Rafe's unconcious body to the pier and rolls him into the river. Does Arianna have any clue Meredith would go to such extremes and actually try to kill Rafe?

Hartley:Arianna thinks Meredith is crazy and is worried that she might hurt Rafe. That's why she's trying so hard to find him.

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