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As far as I'm concerned, the bad guys (other than Steffy) can come and go in these ridiculous side stories, ie. Trent, Owen, Dean, Meredith, etc.

As for seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for every fanbase, even though I am an Ejami fan - I can SEE a possible future for Sami and all of these men. She has loved each of them - Lucas, EJ and now Rafe. I'm sure she still has feelings for all 3. Though she does already have children with Lucas and EJ, I can only imagine if the writers want to give her a couple more with a 3rd dad. Yee gads. (no offense to anyone out there with 3 dads)

Sami was separated from EJ (and her real baby for that matter from circumstances she could not control) - ie., Nicole telling EJ she was pregnant first, a hitman trying to kill her then leaving for the witless protection program and then EJ telling her to move on at Christmas. Had Nicole NOT gotten pregnant - Sami would most likely be with EJ and her baby as we speak!

As for circumstances Sami and Rafe could not control, had Rafe told Sami the truth about Emily, they would be together now. His being kidnapped did not break them up, he had already left her because he would not tell her the truth about his past. Even if it was a HUGE FBI super secret, he could have said as much and they would have stayed together. Plus, he goes on this secret mission to find out the Nic/Baker/Grace connection - couldn't he include her in this? I would be pissed if my true love
didn't give me a head's up on something that involved one of my children. This guy is all about secrets.

Rafe is no more this show's hero than Lucas. Rafe is just on more NOW. Tomorrow, Galen could get fired or piss of TPTB and get written completely differently. Or he could get back burnered for a former GL star who comes to Salem to woo Sami. Next year he could be Nicole's new redemptive love interest, or Emily's for that matter, rumor has it she may not be dead.
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