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Sep 24 2009, 10:21 PM
Sep 24 2009, 10:13 PM
Just recently, the Days cast had a much-needed two-week break. The week prior, I taped six episodes, and the week prior to that, I taped five episodes. Also known as, "Hell Week."
Oh, great.

Nice to see Days is still a "balanced" show. Ahem. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. Why is it that on this show you're either not used at all or used way too damn much? Where's the happy medium? Didn't Corday say the younger characters wouldn't be getting so much airtime in the fall? Fucking liar. I'm really not interested in watching eleven straight episodes of Chad and Mia.

WTF with the long paragraph about teen pregnancy? Random, LoL.

Thanks for posting, Angie!
It's not like Will, Mia, and Chad have been dominating like Langan's summer of 2001. We usually saw them like 3-4 episodes straight and then all three disappeared for two weeks if not more. That is why I never understood Corday saying that they focused a great deal on the younger characters this summer (more reason to believe the man never watches his show LOL). Nothing really changed. The teens actually got LESS airtime. Will and Mia had more airtime in spring before Chad showed up and summer began. There was really no shift at all. Brady and Arianna saw more airtime and that was it.

Regardless, they actually should get more airtime now. They are a pivotal part of the baby switch story, which is ending.

I like Casey. I just want him out of Will and Mia's orbit. He just looks all wrong onscreen with them. I also wish they would connect either Chad or Mia to someone because I don't like potential pairings in which both people have no connections to anyone on the canvas. It almost never ends well.
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