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EJ reveals Nicole's lie to Sami about Sydney. Sorry guys, but I'm not seeing this as a bonding event. Ej is gonna tell Sami all of what Nicole has done and she is gonna do the "I told you so" dance in front of him...They are gonna get in to it and hes gonna run off to the DiMera Mansion and fuss with Daddy and Step-Mommy Dearest. Now that he thinks hes done something big by makin Nicole leave and take the baby that he thinks is Mia's, watch and see what color his face is gonna turn when good ol' Stefano tells him that Sydney is not Mia's, but his! That will be when he gets a fire under his ass and runs to find the baby....

Now if Nicole has no money or no where to live, I would think that Ej would let her stay with him at the mansion since she was so good and "loyal" to the family by bring the DiMera heir to its rightful owner.(Sounds like a pet) Nicole just might for a few more months fall into the good graces (pardon the pun) of Ej once again.....
:hmmph: :hmmph:
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