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Sep 24 2009, 02:51 PM
Sep 24 2009, 02:49 PM
I can't understand how some people can't contemplate that when EJ and Sami find out their child is still alive that it just MIGHT mean something for them as a couple.

As much as Sami thinks she is in love with Rafe now, and she may be, I can't believe that any unresolved feelings for EJ that she might have - (hospital staircase anyone?, Horton cabin anyone?) -won't revisit when they discover their child is still alive. They will be rejoicing in this discovery - Sami and EJ will be - not Brady, Arianna, Mia, Melanie, Hope, Bo, Victor, Kate, Chloe, Dan, etc. This will be huge for the TWO of them. How can that not bring them closer? Rafe may be happy for Sami, but he will have no connection to Sydney as he did with Grace.

Yes, originally she did keep Grace from EJ when she found out that he moved on with Nicole and Stefano, but does that mean that some small part of her heart can't still feel something for EJ as well? The good EJ that is, (whom she did make love with afterall), who until now has been buried under his fatha and deceitful wife.

Sami knows how good EJ can be and I think that has made her anger toward him more intense knowing that he HAS been a good man and that his father and Nicole manipulated him back to his old ways.

I just think Sami and EJ are POSSIBLE again. Finding out about Sydney may be their last chance. Maybe their ship has sailed, but maybe not.

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I think Rafe does have a connection to Sydney. She was the child he felt kicking inside Sami when they were in WP; she was the child he was protecting those months they were in WP. True, he didn't hold her or help take care of her, but I think he and Sami will both feel he has that connection with her.

All of those incidents that happened with EJ and Sami were all before she met and fell in love with Rafe. She has moved on with her life now. She did tell Rafe that she would never hate EJ, and I don't think she does. I think she doesn't have any feelings for him one way or the other. She isn't dreaming about EJ anymore, she isn't thinking about him anymore that we have seen, she isn't telling people she is in love with him.

IMO, the EJAMI ship has sailed. There has been too much bad between them to overshadow any good that Sydney may bring. I am not so sure that Sami will be willing to blame Nicole and Stephano for all the bad EJ has done. HE was the one who had Stephanie kidnapped and tried to murder Philip twice, who shot John and blamed Tec, and who held a gun to her head, etc. I think there is a possibility that they may "bury the hatchet", so to speak, for the kids' sake, but as a romantic couple, I just don't see it happening.
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