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Sep 24 2009, 07:05 PM
Well I think its obvious as always that every fanbase see's a light at the end of the tunnel for their couple, or atleast tries to. Thats only Natural.

I stand by my belief that the show is doing better than it has in years, And I believe Safe and Ejole play a role in that. IMO

Whats also obvious to anyone with objectivity is that Sami and Rafe DO Love eachother.
I personally see o hope for any true romance for Ejami, but that does not mean that He wont ever have her back.. But her heart now belongs to Rafe , regardless of where the story goes. If she and Rafe are parted it will be because of circumstances they cant control.

In no way do I see the writers pulling away from Rafe or pushing hm to the back .. He and Brady are clearly the future hero's of the show..
I just wish they would write different for Brady .. I want to see him back in black tee shirts, and see his toughness.. He is being written as too soft, seems almost fragile and lacks edge.
I want to see him and Rafe Bond and work together, and kick some butt.
Excellent post and ITA!!!!

Sami and Rafe DO love each other and I do see Rafe and Brady as the new heroes of DAYS. IMO, once this whole kidnapping thing is over and Ari's undercover drug deal is done, he and Brady will become close just as we will see Ari and Sami become close. They each need a friend and who better, but the sister-in-law of Rafe and the step-brother of Sami.

I don't see in anyway Rafe being put on the backburner or being let go from the show, as many would want. He is a good guy and Salem needs some good guys. We already have enough vilainous and gray area guys-- DAYS desperately needs some young good guys.

The show is doing better. It is the only Soap who viewers have increased in the past year, and I agree that a lot of this has to do with the SAFE and EJOLE story/line. As far as circumstances beyond the control of SAFE-- if ejami does get together again, it will be b/c of something the Dimera's have done to initiate it-- blackmail, threats, etc.
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