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Sep 25 2009, 11:55 AM
Sep 25 2009, 02:01 AM
I figured the return would be brief for now but I can still see Lawrence resurfacing down the road.

If she does think she killed him and it triggers a bunch of chaos and then he returns...I think that'd be the perfect use of the death fakeout.
I have watched Days long enough to know when a character dies to further a plot, that character is not really "dead". There was an article I remember from 1998 or so when Roman "died" shortly after the secret room fiasco. It was Reilly or Corday who said "Longtime fans knew when we killed Roman off screen, that his return was certain."

I think this is the case right now. Lawrence may be "dead", but I think we all know that he will come back with a vengance in a year or so, if that long. Carly may butcher him like a side of beef, but he will be tanned, rested, and plotting revenge before long.....
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