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We have a big difference here. I think Sami has decided to trust Rafe. He has given her many reasons to have trust in him. So for her to give him the benefit of the doubt in this is not surprising. I am giving EJ and Rafe a 50-50 shot at being the man Sami decides to be with. That is because Sami does have a deep seated need for EJ that may or may not be best for her. Sort of like the Nikki and Victor relationship from Young and Restless. EJ and the kicking of Sydney out with Nicole is going to give Rafe the opening not to tell Sami what he knows. BUT I think he may work on Nicole to let Sami adopt Nicole, as well as Mia and Chad. Now that secret would be explosive if EJ finds out, and with Stefano knowing, the crux will be, will Stefano reveal his treachery in order for EJ to find out and want his daughter back, or will Stefano fear losing EJ if he confesses.

I also agree whatever his secret is, it has to do with Adrianna and her drug linked past.
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