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Monday, September 28th
Meredith has plans to make Rafe suffer; Victor opposes Daniel and Chloe's engagement; EJ cuts his trip with Nicole short; Chad overhears Mia talking to Will about her baby.

Tuesday, September 29th
Chad confronts Mia about keeping his child a secret; Sami and Arianna come to a truce; Daniel issues Victor an ultimatum; Nicole tells EJ that Brady will confirm her story when they get home.

Wednesday, September 30th
Nicole is upset to learn that Kate's living at the mansion; Will asks Sami for advice; Nicole calls Brady for help; EJ questions Kate about her motives for marrying his father; Mia tries to persuade Chad to drop going after their baby.

Thursday, October 1st
Kate notices the tension between Nicole and EJ; Melanie realizes Brady still loves Nicole; Nathan asks Melanie out; Victor worries when Stephanie stops by the Kiriakis mansion to visit Philip; Victor and Philip discuss the women in their lives.

Friday, October 2nd
EJ confronts Nicole with all her lies; Sami decides to get over Rafe and get a job; Arianna goes to check on Meredith; Sami tries to talk Mia into forgiving Will.
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