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Sep 27 2009, 01:40 PM
i loved Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell as Carly and Bo, but never thought her and RKK had much chemistry..His chemistry was with Lisa Rinna...Can't wait to see PR and CC in scenes again..And see CC and KA act together.
Same here. I've wanted a Carly/Bo/Hope story for years, especially because I want to see the Hope and Carly dynamic and because I feel Bo/Carly was ended well before it's time.

Bo and Carly died the minute Peter Reckell left and it was a shame because they were on course to be something special. In some ways, they already were special but they would've reached an amazing level together had he stayed. I could sense the tension between CC and RKK, just like I could with all his female co stars. CC plays Carly as awfully cold in this scene. Granted, Carly wasn't written in character but I've always seen alot of trepidation on CC's part in the scene in the clip.

I still believe RKK would've been a flop without Lisa Rinna. The writing is partially to blame. Bo was written as a whiney wimp when RKK took over. He no longer was heroic. He was a doormat. Bo would've never given up so easily and just let Carly go (then again carly's exit story blew in more ways then one) and I can't tell you how many times Bo came off looking horrible just so Billie could save both their asses and look good. It wasn't until the Maison Blanche story that I began enjoying Bo again. I understand shows will change a character when there is a recast because you have to play to the new actor's strengths but the way Bo changed sucked. It also made it annoying to watch RKK because the way he played Bo as a result of the writing made Bo come off a bit too soft and pretty boy-like and that is not Bo.

I will say that CC and RKK did a good job in the clip, even if both were out of character. As I said, Bo gave up far too easily and Carly's exit wasn't executed well at all. She got her memory back, went and saw Jennifer (who would've NEVER encouraged Carly to run back to Lawrence after all he had done including raping Jennifer herself), and threw away everything her and Bo had like it was nothing more then a fling and left. It was wrapped up far too hastily and sloppy.

Looking forward to this week too. The show is on a roll and what is to come sounds fantastic!
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