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man, chloe has quite the set of balls, asking a priest to annul her marrage to lucas. i'm not a catholic, practicing or otherwise, but i have a feeling a loveless marriage isn't grounds for an anullment. as far as i can recollect, the grounds for annulement boil down to a person either being forced into a marraige against their will, or the marraige never being consummated in the first place, neither of which applies to chloe and lucas.

i was shocked chad found out the truth about the baby, on a monday of all days of the week.

i had seen spoilers that nicole was going to throw brady under the bus and tell ej that he's back on drugs. i didn't understand then, but now i do. brady is a freaking idiot, calling nicole and blurting out that her scret is out without waiting to see if it was actually her on the other line. so i really don't feel all that sorry for him in retrospect.
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